About Old Three Wagyu

The Rowland Taylor Story

“I will spend my life investing in the Irreplaceable!”

After college Kerr Taylor, our founder, took a trip to Europe. While having coffee in a café in Florence, he asked an elderly gentleman, “Who owns these beautiful properties surrounding these thousand-year old plazas?” The man replied, “These properties are owned by the founding families of Florence. The families pass them down from generation to generation. They are never sold. They are grandissimo!” Kerr translated the Italian word for “great” to mean “irreplaceable.” At that moment something clicked in Kerr’s mind. “That’s it!” he thought. “I will spend my life investing in the irreplaceable.”

Over the past few decades, Rowland Taylor, LLC, and its predecessors have focused on investing in the irreplaceable. This vision statement has led Kerr and his team to build successful organizations in real estate, private equity, agriculture, and philanthropy. Along the way, the team built what he considers the most important ingredient in growing a company: its culture. He calls his cultural principles the 5C Cultural Framework. Based on strong core values, character, competence, communication skills, and community building attributes, this concept has allowed him to attract and retain a strong team. This 5C team built, among other companies, AmREIT, which they dubbed the Irreplaceable Corner Company. AmREIT was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and grew to over $1 billion in assets. In 2015, when it was at the top of the market, Blackstone-backed Edens Investment Trust bought AmREIT at what is believed to be the highest returns for shareholders of a NYSE listed REIT in history—over 30% per annum from time of listing to sale. Today, Rowland Taylor’s portfolio of Irreplaceable companies and affiliates include Rowland Taylor, Fifth Corner (Real Estate), Rowland Taylor Vineyards (Agribusiness), and Pathways for Little Feet (Children). Each company’s focus remains the same: Investing in the irreplaceable.

Our Guiding Values

We are an organization of leaders.

We believe a great, sustainable organization begins with “5C” leadership, and that every person within our organization is called to cultivate these values. We believe, above all, that 5C leaders develop our leadership potential for the glory of God.

These are, in order of priority. Click on each to learn more:

Core Values

“In God We Trust” as our moral compass


Honorable virtues exhibited in all areas of life


Sustainable excellence


Courageous truth and transparency


Active helpfulness

Our Wagyu Story

During our founder’s junior year in college, he was awarded a scholarship that allowed him to travel around the world aboard Chapman Colleges’ University of the Seven Seas and World Campus Afloat. One of the more than 20 ports Kerr Taylor visited was in Kobe, Japan. All his shipmates (and especially the professors) were excited about the prospect of trying one of the world’s finest delicacies: Kobe beef. It is unlike any other beef in the world, and Kerr and others who tasted 100% Fullblood Kobe steak became lifelong fans. The only problem was there was very little Kobe beef back home.

Decades later, Kerr Taylor and his family invested in 500 acres of some of the most fertile, lush land near the birthplace of Texas. Inspired by his long-standing commitment to “investing in the irreplaceable”—and by fond memories of the best beef in the world—Kerr Taylor began gradually collecting some of the finest Wagyu genetics available anywhere. Today, our rolling hills are speckled with some of the happiest, best-bred Wagyu cattle in America.